Friday, June 2, 2017

Song Doubles

So today, AmazonPrime Music put Luke Combs' new album on Prime - the whole thing. What a lovely idea. I have only given it one complete-listen, so you don't get to hear me on it, yet. I have been playing with a doubles-song playlist, though, so I'm giving y'all that today. These all have either the same or nearly the same titles or are simply the same song with different music and different lyrics. Sorry they're all separate, it's a bit easier that way. Cheers.

Pair 1: "Rock My World Little Country Girl" - Brooks & Dunn (1993)

& "Country Girl Shake it for Me" - Luke Bryan (2011)
Yes, yes, different times.

Pair 2: "A Better Man" - Clint Black (1989)
Oh how I have always loved Clint Black's twang.

& "Better Man" - Little Big Town (2017)
These are obviously very different songs, very different perspectives. 
This one was written by Taylor Swift, thus the sad-angry-girl-nss.

Pair 3: "She's Got a Way With Words" - Blake Shelton (2016)
This song is mean. It's like Taylor Swift's song "Mean" in that it talks about how someone else is mean and abusive, while being mean itself, perpetuating the cycle. Blake experiments with some really awesome vocal effects in this song, though, which makes it worth a listen. Just ignore his angry-ness.

"Way With Words" - Becky Warren (2013?)
So if you know Becky, you know she sings about life with a veteran after he comes home, the pain for the couple, their difficulty coping, and the end that often comes from such a lack of ability to communicate about what they've both been through. This song is beautiful and heart-wrenching, as is the entire album it comes from.

Pair 4: "Texas Tornado" - Tracy Lawrence (1994)

"Hurricane" - Luke Combs (2017)
I know, I know. A hurricane and a tornado are not the same thing. Thanks, I'm from Texas. Anyhow, I'm sure you get the connection, big ol' storm, girl causing big ol' storm in these poor country boys' hearts. I went as far as to say the other day, out loud, that I think "Hurricane" is the superior form. Combs' voice is full of steel, y'all. 

Pair 5: "Tear in My Beer" - Hank Williams, Sr. (1950/89)
This song wasn't released when originally recorded. What a bummer that people had to live so long without it. This is my dad's favorite song, and my favorite song, "Killin' Time" is probably what it is because it is bascially this song, too. Ha. The version I remember best, though, is the video with Hank, Jr. superimposing himself on young Hank, Sr.'s old staged recording of it. It's kind of a morbid duet of sorts.

"You Look Like I Need a Drink" - Justin Moore (2016)
So lighthearted and pefect, with the best twang in modern country music. And a great black hat to make him all kindsa traditional. 

I actually made a list of 10 of these pairs originally, but it's gotten up to 20, so I'll just leave you with these 5 pairs for now. Enjoy.

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