Friday, June 16, 2017

Playlist of the Day 6.16.17

These songs have no connections, besides sparks in my brain that lead one to the next.

I woke up thinking of Deana Carter this morning, so that's where we'll start. I was in middle school when this song came out, prime time of angst and drama. I can't remember which music video it was that Deana had on this really pretty powder blue nail polish, but my mom and I searched for that nail polish for years. I had all of the light blue nailpolishes. But none was ever the right one. My mom's awesome.

"How Do I Get There From Here?" - Deana Carter (1995)

I could go so many different directions here. Do I go other Deana song that is awesome? Or should I just move on to another artist even though I'm full on in Deana Adoration right now? I'll move on. For your patience. Though, if you are one of those Anti-Taylor people, this will not keep your patience. The Deana song leads me to a few Taylor ones. I'll go with the lesser known one, which might be my absolute favorite Taylor song (I'm a sap, big time), but so you know the other was "You Belong with Me." I promise no more Taylor today, and I'll try to make my girl songs lead to boy songs soon. Not yet, though.

"Hey, Stephen" - Taylor Swift (2008)

These sappy girly songs are inevitably going to lead me to Sara Evans, so let's hit her up right now. The question is, what kind of mood do I want to send you into? Happy, day-dreamy? Or kinda depressed? I'm not sure. Well. Let's do the depressed. Because remember that movie Sliding Doors with Gwyneth Paltrow & John Hannah? The one that went straight to the punch ended badly, but the long drawn out painful one ended in hope. So let's grab that second one. (The happy one is "Born to Fly," if you reject my plan here, but like the movie, that would lead you onto a whole new list...) - Here's the final scene of Sliding Doors, just to remind you of the awesome. Don't bother with the breakup scene in the beginning of the clip, skip to about 1:20 in, about halfway, it's all about the elevator. If you haven't seen the movie, do that, now, though.

"A Little Bit Stronger" - Sara Evans (2013)

And at last, a male singer, though with a higher voice. I loved this guy when he first came out. I still really enjoy listening to his old albums, and my four year old is a big fan, too; we even have the same favorite song. I won tickets when I was 16 to a small and intimate concert with him, and I swear he looked in my general direction when he sang this song! Last thing about this guy. You may or may not remember, about 6 years ago, I think, maybe longer, I was supposed to have a phone interview with him when he put out another album, Dustbowl Dreams, but I missed it by a few minutes, having to pick up my husband at the train station and was never able to reschedule. Bummer.

"So Much for Pretendin'" - Bryan White (1996)

I really like Zac Brown Band, though I'm not generally one for the summer drinkin' song that they spend a lot of energy on. I like my love songs, and I like 'em sad. So the last song easily leads in to this one, which will easily lead into top two favorite songs of all time, but then I'll give you something happy, so you don't spend your day all weird and bummed. K? Something funny...we'll see when we get there.

"As She's Walkin' Away" - Zac Brown Band (2010)

I will never hear another voice that touches me the way Clint Black's does. My entire life of loving country music is about this particular twang. The only ones to ever come even slightly close to as good as this are Joe Nichols, Chris Young, and Justin Moore, but only slightly close, and nowhere as consistently perfect.

"Killin' Time" - Clint Black (1989)

George Strait is the king of country music. His songs are all the feels, man. This happens to be my favorite one, but I'm not sure I could name one I don't like. There's this one B-side I heard once on the radio when I was a kid that stuck with me, called "The Nerve," that's worth looking up. But I mean, George, my dad, "Ocean Front Property in Arizona" - probably one of my dad's favorite songs of all time. He loved the secret of that pun when I was too little to get it, and he loved when I finally got it, and I can remember how hard he laughed when I did. With me, of course.

"The Chair" - George Strait (1985)

Ok, let me be honest with you. I am not a big Brad Paisley fan anymore. I went to Europe my sophomore year in college, and when I came back he was married. How dare he! No, that's not why. Too many of his songs are silly, and the ones with depth are more emotionally ... what is the word I want here? I don't know, it's like he's preying on your emotions, having cry songs but not really great songs, ya know? Anyhow. I'll still end this list with a funny one that I don't totally hate, but do totally get grossed out about when I really think about it too much. Ha.

"Ticks" - Brad Paisley (2008)

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