Thursday, June 8, 2017

Fun Morning Commute 6.8.17

Y'all. How can anyone be sad with access to such fantastic FM stations? I turn the station for talking, news, and commercials, yes. But then I get songs, not always all of them, but oooh. What a great mix of presets I have. There's 100.7, an Alt. rock station (like Houston's 107.5 used to be, though I think that's changed), 99.9, the Frederick country station (goes in and out, but plays better country than the others), 93.1, the Baltimore country station, 97.1 the I don't know, Mix? Soft rock station, They play Adele, Taylor Swift, Robin, heh, maybe it's a girl station, and Mariah Carey (this morning!!!), then 102.7 Jack FM - 80s and 90s rock mostly, and then DC's country station 98.7.

So this morning I got to drop off my oldest at a carpool in Silver Spring. This morning that was a 43 minute ride. I actually got there at the very minute I was supposed to be there. Magic. Plus good music, creating extra magic. Anyhow, I thought you'd enjoy this playlist of what I heard by flipping through these stations this morning. Here's the list. Listen/Watch!

"The Rip it Off Like a Bandaid Song," also known as "Break Up with Him" - Old Dominion (2015)
I actually hate this song, but this morning, it was just extra funny to hear that hooooooorrible line where he says to "rip it off just like a bandaid," I mean come on, y'all. You can't say that. That's awful. So awful. I shudder. But, funny, especially with the windows open on 95.

"Always Be My Baby" - Mariah Carey (1995)
Oh, how fun it was to sing this song, yelling over the song and open windows to the ten year old how it was my best friend and my favorite song in high school to sing together - actually the year of release suggests it was MIDDLE school. Oh. Man. How crazy fun. And we're sitting at a red light for most of this song. And yes. My windows were open, and the radio was loud. The ten year old was maybe a little embarassed. The look on his face. Priceless.

"I Just Died in Your Arms Tonight" - Cutting Crew (1986)
We got this one on Arcola, while I'm celebrating how almost there we were, singing very loud, laughing, Kids laughing, hilarious comments from the 6 year old girl. For reals. Aaaah.
I still can't believe this song is real. It's ridiculous.

"I Love This Life" - Locash (2016)
We just caught the end of this one, but we jammed. The girl sang, too. By now, we're on the way home, sitting at a light at Arcola & University, and I look over, and there's a woman in a mini-van next to me, and she is grinning and laughing at me. Oh good! I grin back. Then I see her start drumming her steering wheel. Cheers, friend! Good times.

 "Better Man" - Little Big Town (2017)
Some songs, one thinks they can sing better than others. This is one for me. Don't tell me otherwise. I know I'm not a rockin' good singer, but I think my voice works with this one. Anyway.

"Yeah, Boy" - Kelsea Ballerini (2016)
Ya know. I keep saying I don't like her pop non-country-ness, but this is a fun song.
I dig that she uses the word "diggin,'" since I use it, too. I dig her line "your eyes would make the moon jealous," and that she mentions wanting to drink wine. I think she and I could be friends after all - pop style and all.

Okay, I could end it here, but there was one more song, and I did like it, and I did sing along, but it totally ruined by buzz (caffeine buzz), since it isn't really a happy song, and it's so slow. But anyway. Here it is. Don't listen to it before doing something fun, cause you won't be ready.

"Candle in the Wind" - Elton John (1986)
It was the Norma Jean version, not the Princess Di one. What's up with all these '86 songs today? Heh.

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