Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Lyrics that Make Songs Golden

Here's little Youtube playlist for y'all and a little chat about it beforehand. 

Y'all may have noticed that my postings in the past 5 years have dropped significantly, and about 4 years ago, I stopped writing reviews with a rare exception, and nothing very serious. Hearing loss is devestating, especially when you caused it yourself by years of abusing your ears with earbuds turned up louder and louder until your husband begs you to stop because he can hear it across the room. Damage having been done, a few years later, you find yourself saying 'What' more and more, 'Sorry, can you say that again,' eventually just kind of walking around trying not to make eye contact with anyone lest they speak to you and you have the frustrating task of either explaining that you can't hear them, can try to read their lips with some success, fearing they may turn their head during the important thought of as rude because you don't respond to someone or just smile at someone who says something because you couldn't make out the words but could tell they were kind. Some fantastic friends know and shout at you and translate for you or are sure to face you when they speak.  

The short and sweet of all of this is that in September 2016, I got hearing aids. I cannot tell you the number of things that have made me tear up to hear them for the first time in years. Like, seriously, y'all, did you even know that song had a guitar riff at that point? Crickets? Rain? Accents. Tones. Birds. Squirrels yelling. Children whispering. 

This playlist has a few songs that I had heard pre-hearing aid, but couldn't ever make out all of the lyrics. The first time I heard one in the car after, (with the volume turned to 14, having listened in the car before at 25 and still not hearing), I heard the hidden - from me anyhow - lyrics that make the song oh so good. Everytime I hear this song, now, I rejoice.

Here's a list of the songs on the playlist, with the lyrics that make them golden. 

"Make You Miss Me" - Sam Hunt - make you miss the way my hand felt in your hand ... 
"I Know Somebody" - LOCASH - and you're lookin' right in his eyes
(I just watched this video for the first time - it's fantastic - oh the skating rink!)
"The Chair" - George Strait - could I drink you a buy ... oh listen to me...
"The Way Love Looks" - Easton Corbin - when you walk in with your sleepy eyed grin...
"Austin" - Blake Shelton - it's not a lyric exactly, but the fact that 3 days after she hears the first message, he has recorded a new message that still ends, PS if this is Austin, I still love you
"If I Never Stop Lovin' You" - David Kersh - say you want and that's what I'll do

There are so many more of these. Who knows, maybe I'll post some more of them soon.

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