Saturday, February 18, 2012

Today's Radio - February 18, 2012 - A new video and some other stuff posted this on its Facebook feed this morning. I am amazed at the weirdness of the video. There's this weird saw-like/fan-like thing that appears to be coming up out of a hole in the ground behind it. There are pictures on it. And Josh Thompson is sitting on a box in front of it singing while pictures of his earlier days flash by on the fanish/saw-ish thing. Crazy weird and kinda creepy. 


Song List

Dierks Bentley - "Feel That Fire"
live on David Letterman!

Taylor Swift featuring The Civil Wars - "Safe and Sound"
This song is a new style for Taylor, with her melding into the Civil Wars. She pulls it off quite fancily. Turns out this girl can sing. Really. The song is beautiful and the video is intense and creepy. The song will be on the soundtrack of The Hunger Games, which I shamefacedly admit that I have no yet read. It's on my list, though. I'm on it, I tell you. 

Casey James - "Drive" (Acoustic)

Billy Currington - "I Got a Feelin'"
I really think this is still the best Billy Currington song to date. He's had some other fun songs, but really. This one got him popular in the first place and for good reason. The next song I'm popping up on here is the song it reminds me of. I think the best part of the video just may be when she totally misses hitting the cue ball into the rack. Ha. Hilarious.

Clay Walker - "Rumor Has It"

Jason Aldean - "She's Country"

Zac Brown Band - "Whatever It Is"

Andy Griggs - "She Thinks She Needs Me"

Chris Cagle - "Chicks Dig It"

Brad - "Old Alabama"

Alabama - "Song of the South"

John Anderson - "Small Town"

Shania Twain - "That Don't Impress Me Much"
This last one's for a laugh. When this video came out, I wanted that outfit! I would have worn it. Wow.

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