Thursday, January 19, 2012

Today's Radio - Requests - January 19, 2012

Country radio gets old because we've got corporate execs. deciding what we should listen to. We get stuck listening to the same twenty or so songs all day long, with maybe one or two surprises or a new song once a week. Last night, I was really excited to hear a song from about a year ago I hadn't heard in about nine months. So, I'm making my blog into a radio station. I'm sure there's another way to do this, but I don't know how. So, I'm going to embed songs/videos onto my blog every day... The more you request, the more you control what I put on here. I've gotten only one request so far, but I'll be updating again at noon. You can expect updates on this post at noon, three, six, and then tonight at nine. Facebook me if you know me or if you don't, send me an email at apronsandguitars(at)gmail(dot)com for requests or dedications. I'll only put your name up if you tell me to. Cheers, y'all!


Requested - Diamond Rio - "How Your Love Makes Me Feel"

From Me to You!

Justin Moore - "Small Town USA"

Kenny Chesney - "She's Got It All"

Johnny Cash - "Ring of Fire"

 More Songs from Me to You

Gloriana - "(Kissed You) Good Night"

I just got the email a half an hour ago that this had been downloaded on Gloriana's Vevo, so it's hot off the press! The lyrics suggest that it could go rather dirty, but the video is amazingly clean. Very well done. Though, the band in random rooms in the girl's house is kinda strange and creepy at times.

Clint Black - "State of Mind"

The McClymonts - "My Life Again"
Some angry girl country. If you like it, you should check out their YouTube Vevo channel. There's more. They sound great, and honestly are kinda funny.

Blake Shelton - "Drink on It"
A new one, I picked this one randomly via Pandora's Today's Country Station. I like it.

I haven't had any more requests, yet, so I'm going to share some more songs and hope y'all will hop in and ask for some more!

Zona Jones - "Two Hearts, One Love"

No, I don't know the people in this video, but this was the highest quality of the song I could find, and I want you to hear how good this song is. KILT in Houston played this song a lot back in '05, but I don't think it went much further than that.

Bright Eyes - "Four Winds"

Lee Brice - "A Woman Like You"

Alison Krauss & Union Station - "My Love Follows You Where You Go"

Requested - Ray LaMontagne
Suggested Song "Beg, Steal or Borrow"

I'd never heard of this guy before, and he's a great find. Folksy, with a bit of Beatles sound, and maybe a drop of Tom Petty. 

A Couple Songs from Me

George Strait - "Amarillo by Mornin"

Jason Aldean - "Amarillo Sky"

Taylor Swift - "The Best Day"

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  1. What's that Kenny Chesney song about wine and the girl and sitting on a car looking up at the stars?


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