Friday, January 6, 2012

Seven Takes Countdown - Volume 11 - January 6, 2012

Well, this week's countdown is going to be interesting. I already did my year end countdown last week, and that's the only countdown that ACC's got up, so, I'm going to show you how we compared. 

ACC's Top 11 are:

11. Darius Rucker - "This"
10. Chris Young - "Voices"
Granted, I should have included this.
9. Miranda Lambert - "Heart Like Mine"
I knew I needed some Miranda on my list, but I just couldn't really cross any of the others out.
8. The Band Perry - "You Lie"
I do agree that this song was way over-played on the radio this year. I changed the station every time it came on. No offense, TBP, but this song is awful.
7. Blake Shelton - "Honey Bee"
Yea! I got one!
6. Sara Evans - "A Little Bit Stronger"
I wanted to put this one on there. I really did.
5. Kenny Chesney - "Somewhere with You"
Eh, this song just feels like it's been around for so much longer than a year. I stick with my "You and Tequila" pick for the KC song of the year. I'm stickin' to my guns, y'all.
4. Billy Currington - "Let Me Down Easy"
I just can't say that Billy Currington is awesome enough to be on this list. I can't do it. The song is good, but just good.
3. Tim McGraw - "Felt Good on My Lips"
They overplayed this song, too, oh yes. I know Tim has a big name and has been around for a long time, but why force him back into the limelight when there are so many other talents who haven't yet had the chance to be showcased? Tim's not original enough.
2. Jason Aldean & Kelly Clarkson - "Don't You Wanna Stay"
Heh. Okay. I actually like this better than "Dirt Road Anthem," but I was trying to be honest. Guess I was wrong.
1. Thompson Square - "Are You Gonna Kiss Me or Not"
Yes. This song was played every single time I got in the car. And back in the car. And again a few hours later. Oh. My. But, I didn't like it enough for it to deserve such fab. attention and radio play. So. ZBB beats y'all on to the list. Cheers anyway.

Just a quick reminder, my top 11 are in no particular order.

Zac Brown Band - "Colder Weather"
ACC put this song at 30, with "As She's Walkin' Away," which I wouldn't have counted as a 2011 song, and then "Knee Deep" at 20. Too low, y'all. Too low. You can't really complain, though, if your band has 3 songs in the top 40 for the year, eh? 
Justin Moore - "If Heaven Wasn't So Far Away"
ACC gives this one 19th. Not bad. 
Jason Aldean - "Dirt Road Anthem"
ACC gives this one 14th ranking with "My Kinda Party" at 21 and his duet with Kelly C. at 2. I was close on this one.
Blake Shelton - "Honey Bee"
ACC ranked this at 7, I listed it in my top 11, no particular number, but hey, probably right around 7. Blake also had 17th with "Who Are You When I'm Not Lookin." 
Kenny Chesney feat. Grace Potter - "You and Tequila"
36, ACC? Are you kidding me? This song won song of the year, y'all!
Lady Antebellum - "Just a Kiss"
I'm pretty surprised ACC only gave them 28 for this one and nothing in the top 11. I know, I know, this album wasn't as good as the last. But still.
Rodney Atkins - "Take a Back Road"
Shocked. 32 is not high enough for this song. Not nearly.
Taylor Swift - "Ours"
Fair enough. "Back to December" (too 2010 for me to list) and "Mean" made the cut, though.
Brad Paisley & Carrie Underwood - "Remind Me"
Only 37. I listen to the radio a lot, so I keep getting shocked here. What game are these guys playin, anyway? Brad also chimed into the countdown with "Old Alabama" at 25 and "This is Country Music" at 31.
Eli Young Band - "Crazy Girl"
29. Rate the music cannot possibly be using the radio stations where I live. At all.
Chris Young - "You"
Alright, granted, this song wasn't around quite long enough to have enough air play this year, like Taylor's "Ours." I do love that we've got "Voices" at 10 and "Tomorrow" at 14.

It's not exactly 7 this week, but hey. It's a new year. Things change.
Go see Jen for her 7 takes!


  1. Billy Currington is not awesome. Good, but not awesome. LY

  2. Yeah, I am always wondering what parts of the country those top 40 ratings come from. Never any place where I live. I agree with you on yours!


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