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Ten Top Albums of 2011

Ten Top Country Albums of 2011

Here are just a few of the new and fabulous albums we've been working our way through.
Don't accept what the radio gives y'all. The non-release songs on these albums are as good as and often way better than what's on the radio.

Joe Nichols - It's All Good

With great songs like "The Shape I'm In" and "Take it Off," Joe Nichols didn't disappoint his fans in his 2011 album, coming out shortly after his Greatest Hits album. Why he released both in the same year, however, is quite the question, especially when he had two new singles off of the GH album. Anyhow, it's worth a listen, worth a buy. My favorite is probably "The Shape I'm In," so here's the video.

Josh Kelley - Georgia Clay

You'll have heard "Gone Like That" and probably "Georgia Clay." He's got a shocking voice. Deep and moving country twang, with old-time sound. Listen to this one, then go buy the album.

The Grascals - Country Classics with a Bluegrass Spin

If you love some old Charlie Daniels Band, Dolly Parton, and Buck Owens, you'll love this album. The Grascals put thunder and swing into each of these country classics. Included on the album are "The Devil Went Down to Georgia," "Tiger by the Tail" (featuring Brad Paisley) and "Ring of Fire."

Jake Owen - Barefoot Bluejean Night

Easily as good as his last album - which had "Don't Think I Can't Love You" and "Eight Second Ride." He's sticking to the same styles he's been doing for the first two albums, with a pretty even smattering of topics. Don't let the album title fool you. This disc's got its fill of serious. I really like this one. It's better than Luke Bryan's "I Don't Want This Night to End," but it's the same idea. It's just more...romantic.

Chris Young - Neon

I love all of the songs I've heard on this album. Chris Young made history this year with his "Voices" coming back into the countdowns after being re-released. The original single release of this song was in 2008. He must have really had faith in how good this song is to be willing to release it again. Have you heard it acoustic? I heard it once on Sirius' The Highway, and felt like I'd heard something completely new, something unheard of: a voice played like a clarinet. So lovely. Check out this song, "Lost" also from Neon

Lady Antebellum - Own the Night

Talk about powerful blending of voices. They were meant to sing together, no doubt about it. 

Rodney Atkins - Take a Back Road

Rodney Atkins Banner

By the way, you can buy this cd on his website for $10!? Wow. You get far more than you pay for, with "Back Road," "Farmer's Daughter," "He's Mine," "Cabin in the Woods," and more. I can't tell which I like best, it's just such a great album.

George Strait - Here for a Good Time

Oh, it's back to the old roots for King George in this prize of an album. Can you even believe he's still going? And look at that smile. He looks just as young and energetic as I remember from 20 years ago. He started his career before I was born. I love this album because it sounds like the old time George. I also love the album title. He's really lettin' you know that he's still young at heart and keeping up with the younger crowd with a title like that of Alan Jackson's song (which was doing the same thing) and Lady A's breakthrough hit. But guess what. The sound: it's real, it's good, it's George. 

Luke Bryan - Tailgates and Tanlines

His cd's $10, too. Sheesh. Why buy anywhere else? Luke's the new party-guy. 
He does Spring Break EP releases and Florida parties. He's got a couple of good songs on here, namely "Too Damn Young," "I Don't Want this Night to End," "I Know You're Gonna be There," and "I Knew You That Way."

Blake Shelton - Red River Blue

How thankful are you this year for another great Blake Shelton album? I'm so glad he's back. I know, he came back last year, but this year and his marriage to Miranda has got him solidified in country music. I have no idea who gets to decide this stuff, but they've decided Blake's a keeper, and I agree. Go get this one asap. You're missin' out if you haven't heard it, yet.

I can't embed this video, so here's the link.

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