Friday, December 16, 2011

Seven Takes Countdown - Volume 8 - December 16, 2011

If you were listening to the countdown last weekend, then somewhere about an hour into the show, you heard Kix Brooks say my name, from Maryland, and ask my (rewritten but similar) question. I'm doing a separate post on the full answer, which kindly appears on their website, so I didn't have to memorize it in the five seconds in which I was hearing Kix Brooks answer my question. 

Between the songs this week I'm throwing in an older similar song. I'll try to keep 'em all before 2000.

"Georgia Peaches" - Lauren Alaina (new)
debuting at 40

It sounds like this girl's got some pipes. This song does a pretty good job as an exhibition of talent. The lyrics leave a lot to be desired, as the song doesn't really seem to go anywhere. It's just a celebration of "Georgia Peaches," referring to women from Georgia. There seem to be quite a few occasions for oh, ohs and whooos, fewer for real plot. It's like watching one of those filler episodes on a tv show, where the over-arching plot is not developed or even discussed. I think, however, that Lauren's talent will show up some more, if the radio execs. don't stop her.

"He's Mine"  - Rodney Atkins (new)
debuting at 39

There's not a real video out for this song, yet. Gotta love another Rodney Atkins father-son song. Whatever is going on in his personal life, by the way, is none of our business, so I will not be reporting on gossip I received in an email from ACC. This is a great song, with lots of antepaletal grumblings of a proud father-son type. 

~Old Similar Song~
"The Rock" - Shenandoah (1994 - Superhits)

One thousand apologies, but I cannot find this online anywhere. It's on the Super Hits album.

I'll replace it with another similar song, probably more perfectly suited.

"Love Without End, Amen" - George Strait (1990 - Livin' it Up)


"A Woman Like You" - Lee Brice (not on last week)

I love the simplicity of the figuration patterned guitar chords played throughout the song. 

~Old Similar Song~
"She's Always Right" - Clay Walker (1999 - Live, Laugh, Love)

I apologize for the TERRIBLE video. It's the only one out there.


"Alone with You" - Jake Owen (7)

Steadily climbing the charts, this song features simple guitar flicks and impassioned vocals. 

~Old Similar Song~
"Fast Movin' Train" - Restless Heart 


"You" - Chris Young (1)

~Old Similar Songs~

"Without You" - Dixie Chicks (1999 - Fly)

"I Walk the Line" - Johnny Cash (1956)

Did you know that Johnny Cash wrote this song back stage in Gladewater, Texas? I've been there. It's a tiny antique town outside of Tyler. 


"Love's Gonna Make it Alright" - George Strait (2)

George, as usual, is tearing up the charts. He is this week's ACC fastest mover, moving up a solid 6 ranks. This is the best old time George Strait song he's put out in years. 

~Old Similar Song~
"Love's Got a Hold on You" - Alan Jackson (1991 - Don't Rock the Jukebox)


"Somethin' 'Bout a Truck" - Kip Moore (3)

It's hard to say with certainty how long this song will be staying on the national countdown. I'm a little nervous for it, since Kip is new, and we rarely get new artists anymore. The Execs. seem to push a few people on us, keeping other talented and exceptional artists hidden, but every once in a while, somebody sneak out into the top, like Taylor Swift. I like this line from Kip's bio on his website ( “I am not drawn to the fairytale kind of love,” says Kip, who had a hand in writing every song on his debut album. “I am drawn to the real-life experiences between a woman and a man. I try to sing about the way it is, but yet at the same time, what you can hope for between a couple. I don’t intend to paint of picture of what it’s really not.”
That sounds good to me, Kip. Keep climbin'!

~Old Similar Song~

"Pickup Man" - Joe Diffie (1994 - Third Rock from the Sun)

Boy is there somethin' bout a truck in this song! "There's just somethin' women like about a pickup man." Surely this is where the title of Kip's song comes from. Let's call it a Literary Tradition...


"Keep Me in Mind" - Zac Brown Band (4)

Movin' fast up the ACC charts, and stickin' around in mine. 

~Old Similar Song~

"Sittin' On Go" - Bryan White (1996 - Between Now and Forever)

Not the best sound on the video, but I think you get the idea.

Have a great weekend, y'all! Stay tuned for some more last minute gift-giving ideas!

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