Friday, December 9, 2011

Seven Quick Takes Countdown - Volume 7 - December 9, 2011

First check out the Dec. 5th Top Country Songs in the Country!

This week, I'm going to give you a silly little treat. My favorite "Other Song" by the same artist. For the artists that are new, I'll be creative. Welcome, y'all.

"Drink Myself Single" - Sunny Sweeney (new)
Ooooh, ooh, I just heard the song that debuts at number 40 for the first time this week on Pandora. I was dancin' in my apron. Sunny's second hit on the charts in four years of two albums, I'm loving this one. Her single earlier this year, "From a Table Away," was a nice replay of Lorrie Morgan's "Good as I Was to You," with the other woman losing out this time. We're hearing a lot from the "other women," lately, thanks to Sugarland and Sara Evans

My Favorite Other Song by Sunny Sweeney
"If I  Could"

Wow. Listen to that. Seriously, you have to watch that video and then want to buy her album for somebody you know who loves good country music for Christmas. "Come on, y'all!"

That's the only new one for the week. We had a re-entry of Andy Gibson's "Wanna Make You Love Me," a song so much nicer than the title's nearby neighbour, Usher's "You Make Me Wanna..." He's back at 39 this week. Let's put it this way, if it were George Strait singing this song, it would have debuted at number 1. That's how good it is. Or maybe even if his voice were a little more Tracy Lawrence, this song would put him in nice and solid. As it is, I have hope for him, but little.


"Alone With You" - Jake Owen (x-1)

I know what I said last week, but I have been hearing this song all week on the radio, and I still just love it. I'm giving you the Twitter video he put out again, since I don't want your kid to accidentally see the other video. This could start another rant of mine about how clean CMT used to be before MTV bought it and Clint Black started wearing leather pants.

My Favorite Other Song by Jake Owen
"Don't Think I Can't Love You"


"Tattoos on this Town" - Jason Aldean (re-entry)

Jason jumped all the way from 5 to 1 on the ACC countdown this week. I can't wait to find out just how that happened. Is radio playing it more, listeners requesting more, it being bought more? We'll find out soon. It's a great song come May when seniors in high school are picking their class song. When I graduated from high school in '01, our class song was Dexter Freebish's "Leaving Town," pretty much the 10 year ago pop version of "Tattoos on this Town."

My Favorite Other Song by Jason Aldean
"The Truth"

It is the best Jason Aldean song ever and one of the top 5 songs of the decade.


"Baggage Claim" - Miranda Lambert (new)

It's taken a while to get this one up here for me, too. Some songs just take longer to get into my good graces. Finally, I'm loving the guitar intro and Miranda's solid twang. The only problem is how repetitive it is. The lyrics are a bit weak, but the sound is so good, you just might not notice.

My Favorite Other Song by Miranda Lambert
"More Like Her"


"Keep Me in Mind" - Zac Brown Band (re-entry)

My Favorite Other Song by Zac Brown Band
"As She's Walkin' Away"


"Somethin' 'Bout a Truck" - Kip Moore (6)

I think this song actually gets better every time I hear it.

My Favorite Other Song by Kip Moore
"Mary Was the Marryin' Kind"

I expected to get somebody else's song on here, but I really like this one.


"Love's Gonna Make it Alright" - George Strait (4)

It feels like old time George again here. When he says "Seems like they been goin' around," he does something with his voice he hasn't done in a song in years. I'll let you know when I find a name for it.

My Favorite Other Song by George Strait
"The Chair"

One of the top 5 best country songs in the history of country music.


"You" - Chris Young (re-entry; 4 two weeks ago)

I know, I keep coming back to this song. I just like to get some other people in there, too, sometimes. But boy do I love this song. What a voice. I would love to see him live. What pipes.

My Favorite Other Song by Chris Young

One of the only songs to ever be re-released and to re-enter the charts - now that's pretty awesome.

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