Friday, December 2, 2011

Seven QUICK! Takes Countdown -Volume 6 - December 2, 2011

Real Quick this week!

Do y'all remember this post? I was about to have Jake Owen's "Alone with You" on this countdown, but then I saw the video. It's over the top and has pretty much messed up the song for me. Bah-humbug!


"Wanna Make You Love Me" - Andy Gibson (didn't make it last week)
39 (re-entry!)

As y'all know, I was non-plussed last week that this song fell off of the ACC chart. Exciting news - it made it back on! Congrats, Andy!


"Somethin' 'Bout a Truck" - Kip Moore (3)

Sirius doesn't seem to have gotten the awesomeness of this song. I'm hoping they will, soon. Pandora's got it and is playing it as one of the first few songs when I turn on the Today's Country station. That's a good sign.


"Come Home" - Faith Hill (new)

I am not a big fan of female singers. I confess that Faith Hill has a phenomenal voice, and only Carrie Underwood can challenge the power of such a voice. But, with so much variety in the male voice on country radio, we really don't need another Carrie, and I think Faith has lost a bit of her edge and her youth. We really only need one of each female type of voice. Sound sexist? It's not. There's just so much a female voice can do. And we've got hers on the radio already. That's why Kellie Pickler didn't fare so well and only had a few songs. She sounds like Miranda Lambert (but not as good) and Taylor Swift (but better), but they both have things she doesn't have. Miranda's got the super power to her voice, and Taylor's got the songs.


"Love's Gonna Make it Alright" - George Strait (new)

It's great to have another George single so soon. Speaking of multiple artists having a similar sound, poor Easton Corbin. He's got a great voice, but what do we need him for? We've got a George. Easton needs to find his own niche. 


"My Heart Can't Tell You No" - Sara Evans (x-1 four weeks ago)

I enjoy the darkness of Sara's more recent music. Ten years ago, her music was all carefree and lovey-dovey. I enjoy this new dark movement of hers much more. I think it fits her vocal style well.


"I Got You" - Thompson Square (7 four weeks ago)

This song is, however, getting to the drive you crazy point.


"We Owned the Night" - Lady Antebellum (new)

It took me long enough to put this song on the countdown! The great thing about Lady A is they have an awesome male singer, a powerful female singer, and a back-up guy who is as good as either of them. This is one of their worst songs by far. The lyrics are throw away, and the beats are pretty boring and predictable. Occasionally, it's got a little of Bryan Adams' Summer of '69 sound. Actually, if the song were played with an electric guitar instead of a mandolin (played by fabulous composer and instrumentalist Dave Haywood), it would sound almost exactly like Summer of 69. Wild.

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