Monday, December 5, 2011

My Ten Seconds of Fame

For the third time in my life, I will be on the radio this weekend! The first time, I complained to the late night radio guy about my best friend keeping me up late before I had to get up early to babysit. I was 14. The second time, I was winning tickets (on the first day of the contest!) to see Bryan White at the Alley Theatre in Houston. This time, you will not hear my voice, but only my name and some questions I wrote. Yes, you. No matter where you live, you can hear this phenomenon. Perhaps it is silly to be this excited, but oh, oh, I am.

Kix Brooks is now the voice of the American Country Countdown every weekend. If you read my blog, you know about my obsession. Anyhow. I was surfing around the ACC website, and I discovered that Kix has a segment on the show called "Just for Kix, Everything you want to know about country music." Aaah, I have a question. Did you read this post? If so, you know how upset I am about hearing that our radio requests don't really mean much. Thus. I wrote to Kix, asking exactly how they get the countdown. Is it requests? Does it take into account Sirius? Pandora? Is it most played by radio or most requested? I wrote something that made sense when I sent it in, and I got an email on Sunday telling me that they're going to answer my question on the show on Dec. 10-11, and they're sending me some tea as  a gift for selecting my question.

Honestly, I like tea and all, but compared to my question being answered by one half of "Neon Moon," I could care less about the tea. How crazy awesome is this, eh, y'all?

If you live in the DC/Baltimore area like I do, it's going to be on on Sunday 8am - Noon. If you're in Houston, you're out of luck, since KILT doesn't air it anymore (what!?), but you can always play it online somewhere. Just make sure you find a website and find out what day (Sat. or Sunday) and what time. Then we can all hear the question and answer.

Here's how to find it.


  1. How is it that a nationally syndicated country music radio broadcast which 20 stations in Texas carry—including Beaumont—Houston doesn't carry?

    And how is it that I can listen to it in DC/Baltimore and they can't get it in Houston?

    Even Philadelphia has it!? That's pretty Yankee, Houston. Pretty Yankee indeed.


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