Thursday, December 15, 2011

Last Minute Christmas Gifts - for the Husband

Does your husband love country music? (Mine is getting there). Here are a few quick gift ideas!
You can click right on the widget and get it from iTunes. No, I don't get any fun credit for it, I'm just giving you easy Christmas Shtuff. :)

The Sappy Song List by Janet

For the Funny Guy by Janet

Anti-Road Rage Album by Janet
for the guy with a long commute who needs some relaxing country jams

CDs Not Playlists

Does your husband actually like Country Christmas albums? Some guys do. Really. So I hear anyway. Here are a few pretty good country Christmas albums worth checking out.

Other Albums Having Come Out Recently

Does your husband not buy his own cds? Was the last cd he bought in 2001? Here are a few that he can't live without!

While you're at it, if he doesn't have the older ZBB, get that one, too.

I hope my list helps you if you've put off Christmas gifts for your country-lover husband too long! Come back tomorrow for some wifey albums. 

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