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Seven Takes Countdown -Volume 4 - November 18, 2011

First of all, go check out America's Top 40 songs in the country. Be careful if you like to be surprised by  #1, they put it at the top of the page, so close your eyes and scroll down.

I am going to start you off this week with a song I do not like. It's been on the American Country Countdown for weeks, and I keep just leaving it alone. I really just don't like it. Note, however, that I am very thankful that it exists. Happy almost Turkey Day, y'all! Don't forget to watch a ton of football. Cause what is Thanksgiving without a ton of football?

"Let it Rain" - David Nail (New)
Something there is about a singer. (name that reference and I'll make you a mixed cd and send it to you) The last single for David Nail was a break up song, now we've got a whoops I messed up real bad song. This video actually starts with a shower scene!? Worst video ever. I just can't bring myself to like it. His voice is boring. There. I said it.

"Wanna Make You Love Me" - Andy Gibson (New)
I love the lyrics to this song, and his smooth transitions have a new feel. He doesn't waste any time in the song not singing. My son jumped in and begged that I say, "Wow, that song is the best." 

"You Gonna Fly" - Keith Urban (New)
This song is new on the countdown this week, and I have got to say, I don't like it. Keith does quite a bit of high-pitched yelping with his electric guitar. It's so distracting that you will have difficulty coming upon the song amidst the noise. Alas, his performance at the CMAs of it was absolute trash. I like Keith Urban, but I have to call it as I see it, and that performance was terrible. You won't be seeing this song in my top sevens.

"Alone with You" - Jake Owen (2)

I am kind of annoyed with myself that this song didn't make it to the top seven. 
I don't really know what happened. It really has to do with number 7 sneaking in on me...last night. I still love this song, though, and I reserve the right to bring it back next week. 


"Somethin' 'Bout a Truck" - Kip Moore (New)

Just the title of this song is enough, yes? However, let me add that the literary device used in this song drove me crazy for hours until I finally learned, in a rather annoying way, that it is a priamel. See that red squiggly? No? It's there for me. It's a real thing, though. A priamel was used commonly in Greek odes, made famous in Pindar's first Olympian Ode and also done by Sappho and various other Greek & Latin authors. A priamel is when you describe a bunch of good things, leading up to the bestestestest thing at the end. So not only do you get to hear about the super awesomest thing (pretty much the kissin' the girl that's gonna lead to more), but you also get to hear about all of those other things at the same time - in this case, the truck, ice cold beer, girl in a red sundress, et cetera. Love it.


"All Your Life" - The Band Perry (5 two wks ago, off last week)

Alright, I still really adore this song. Listen to this one. That's all she wants. Come on. The moon ain't too much to ask for - and she's not even asking for all that light. This video is from the CMAs. Kimberly Perry is utterly fantastic. Look at her. Her dress is beautiful, elegant, even conservative. Her movements are traditional/old-fashioned/old time country. She's not throwing her legs about for the world to see. She's singing. All of her movements contribute to the beauty of the song. There are no extraneous movements. Simply lovely.


"I Got Nothin'" - Darius Rucker (New)

I've been leaving this song alone, but I really can't do that anymore. I don't like leavin' songs, especially ones that sound so damn hopeless. I think they're super depressing, and I'm not a fan of un-happiness.  However, two of my favorite songs ever are "Killin' Time" (a "having been left" song) and "The Truth" (also a having been left song). The difference is that "I Got Nothin'" is a song about leaving that is happening right now, and the others are over, we're talking about tragedy done not tragedy being done right now. Ya see? The guys in "Killin' Time" and "The Truth," you want to hug. The idiot in "I Got Nothin'" you'd (at least I'd) much rather punch. Shove him to that door and make him grab her and kiss her and say something. Dang it. It's like watching a scary movie and screaming, "Don't go up the damn stairs, you stupid blonde idiot!" Cause she's always blonde (Drew Barrymore anyone?) and obviously stupid. All of that said, this is a good song. It's Darius' 2011 country version of his Hootie & the Blowfish 1994 pop hit "Let Her Cry." 

"A Woman Like You" - Lee Brice (x-1)

I mentioned only the topic of this song last week, but I've got to mention some more about the sound of this song this week. "A Woman Like You" sounds very informal, very personal. "I'd take a gold band on my hand over bein' a single man." 


"I Don't Want this Night to End" -  Luke Bryan (5)

A real steering wheel hitter, this one just can't leave my countdown. Luke's not quite a fabulous actor, but the video is pretty good, too. 


"Let's Don't Call it a Night" - Casey James (6)

This song is on the radio constantly this week. Pandora also, is even overplaying it on their Today's Country station. Though, I have to say, I have ruined my Pandora station by hitting likes and dislikes.  I really think that ruins everything. Let's don't call it a night, a nice use of a litote! I really like the guitar bridge in this song. There is a nice mix of electric and steel guitar. Heavenly. Hank would approve, I am sure.


"You" - Chris Young (1)

I still adore this song. This song fits any stage of romance, from the first days and first kisses to the renewed vigour of a long-time love. Best line? "Girl, if you ever get to guessin' if I'm thinkin' bout you..." Just listen to the flute-like glide of his voice from one pitch to another, called a portamento; again, he plays his voice like a musical instrument. Is this not amazing to you!?

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Happy Friday!

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