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Seven Takes Countdown - Volume 2 - November 4, 2011

I'm finding week 2 of my countdown more challenging than week 1. Mostly, it's because I'm limiting myself to the top 7 here, but here's what we'll do. Remember how last week, I gave you three that didn't quite make the top 7? I'm going to give you more than that this time. It's just that there are some really great new songs up on the top 40 this week, and I want to give them some time to move up in my list and yours, though I am very tempted to hop one of them straight to the top seven, something the ten-eighteen year old me never feared to do. So, with some of 'em, I'll just list the song and not say anything about it. Just know you'll probably see it up high sometime soon.

To make things clear, here's a little graphic representation:
My Place on the Countdown (7,6,5,4,3,2,1)
Song Title - Artist Name (last week's placement on mine; x-1 means on list but not in top 7)
ACC's Placement This Week
My breakdown.

Let's Don't Call it a Night - Casey James (new)
First of all, anybody who says "let's don't" is country in my book. CJ's got a bit of the styles of Charles Kelley of Lady Antebellum, which definitely works well in this "Darlin' I just want to Lay You Down" and "Don't You Wanna Stay" song. It's less serious than those, and more fun like, pardon my holiday reference, but like "Baby it's Cold Outside." 

This Ole Boy - Craig Morgan (new)
"Doggone nothin in the world's wrong." 'nough said.

Alone With You - Jake Owen (new)
Reminiscent of Blake Shelton's I'll Just Hold On and more than a little seductive, this tune is its own Fire. This one's a big less G-rated than Old George's. That seems to be the movement, eh? It's no worse, really, than It Ain't Me, Babe. Sorry, I just had to link to the one with Joaquin & Reese from Walk the Line. Here's June & Johnny, too. Now, this has been quite a tangent. Many apologies. 

Here for a Good Time - George Strait (7)
And here's King George again this week. We can't have a week without him, of course. This song is falling slowly off my radar, but it's still nearby. When I think too hard about it, I feel a little disappointed. It's not old, classic, great George. It's good, though. But just good.

God Gave Me You - Blake Shelton
Honestly, I like the Bryan White song of the same name better than this one and wish it had been bigger back in the day.  (BW video is homemade by some stranger out in Youtube-land). I guess cause it's sappier. Blake's version, however, is more modern and less...80s poppish, so I suppose it's got its own decent amount of merit, especially considering ACC gives it top in the country this week. 

 Bait a Hook - Justin Moore (5)
This fun song should be sticking around for weeks to come.

And now for my top 7. Remember, the best way to do this is to go down one song at a time, listening to each before you go on. Though, of course, as you please. 

I Got You - Thompson Square

Their take on Sonny & Cher's "I've got you, Babe," "I Got You" is a foot-tappin' fun song for singin' in the car. Or while washing dishes. Or while taking a shower. Or...too much?


Storm Warning - Hunter Hayes

This baby face is somewhere around 20 years old. This young man has some superior talent. Can you believe that he played all of the instruments for his album himself? 

All Your Life - The Band Perry (1)

Pretty, clear, and adoringly cheesy. Thanks, folks. Keep these kinda songs comin.

Easy - Rascal Flatts & Natasha Bedingfield

Ooooh, we love the break-up songs. Remember when Tim & Faith came out with that one back in '06 - "Like We Never Loved at All"? This one is a lot like it. You love to sing along, it's pretty sad, and there is some serious power and emotion in the lyrics and music.


Crazy Girl - Eli Young Band

This one's been out for a while. I really like how Eli Young Band songs sound...small town simple. Do you know what I mean? We've got "Always the Love Songs" which, of course, every God-fearing country music lover can relate to. Now "Crazy Girl" comes along, and it just sounds like what a guy would say. For real, not beautiful poetry like some of those breath-taking love songs, but real, simple, country. Hank and Johnny said this stuff. That makes good country.


Keep Me in Mind - Zac Brown Band (2)

I'm still excited every time this song comes on. I'm not sure I'm quite so in love with it as I was last week, but it's still in my very top few. I'm hoping it's a keeper, but some of those new songs are really really good. I'm hoping ZBB does not come out with a new single soon. I've been loving this year's singles so far. Keep 'em coming. I wish country radio would play more than just the most recent single. "As She's Walkin' Away" is too good to be shoved out so soon for these two more recent ones. Let's back up a step or two.


You - Chris Young (3)

This video is awesome, too. Colors change like in The Giver by Lois Lowry. Leading lady's struttin' a red hat and super-hot red car and various other things. It's a great take on the lyrics, that everything fades now that she's around. 

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