Saturday, November 19, 2011

Another Saturday morning with Pandora

Oh, be careful what you do with your pandora stations. I was sitting here playing a game of Stratego with my five year old, singing along with Jason Aldean's "Why," when suddenly I realized what I was singing. "I've destroyed this station." Thankfully, Pandora is forgiving. You can mouse over the station title, click on options, and go un-check all those songs that yes, you like, but no do not absolutely do not belong on the station. My station of choice for this morning is "Me and You" (by Kenny Chesney) radio. What I'm looking for here are old good love songs. Old meaning around 20 years old, more or less okay. Yes, there should be some Travis Tritt. No, Jason Aldean, you do not belong. The first few songs that came on this morning, much to my chagrin, were the following:

"Fall" by Clay Walker - I agree that Clay Walker should be on this station, but this song is a little newer than what I was going for here.

"Everything I Do, I do it for you" by Bryan Addams - What!? No, absolutely not. It came out in the right year, but it's not country. It's NOT country! It's hard to thumbs down a song I like.

"No Place That Far" by Sara Evans - Yeah, this one is okay, though too new, too. I upped it anyway. Then chaos erupted.

"I'll Be" by Edwin McCain - No.

"Why" by Jason Aldean.

So what I did then was go and uncheck all those songs I had given love to that I didn't want to influence the station. The next song to come on was....ta da! Perfect. Doug Stone's "In a Different Light."

Nice save, Janet!

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