Thursday, November 10, 2011

2011 CMA Results & A Video or Two

Wow, y'all. My predictions were pretty dang good, eh? Let's take a look! 

Musician - Mac Macanally 
Yea! Toldja!

Music Video of the Year - "You and Tequila"
What I wanted but didn't expect. Yea! 
I have to say, though, I watched the performance of this on youtube today, and 
man, Grace could really have handled to wear a dress instead of a shirt. Sittin' on that stool like that 
showed more of her legs than anyone could possibly have intended.

Musical Event of the Year - "Don't You Wanna Stay"
I got this one, too! Like I said it could have gone anywhere, but
I am not surprised it went to them. Yea! 

Song of the Year & Single of the Year - "If I Die Young"
Wow, the Band Perry rocked it last night. Did you see them performing their new song?
Kimberly Perry was wearing the best dress of the night. Tasteful, classy, beautiful.
I am glad they won, but I really didn't expect it. Good for them. Kimberly's got a great voice.

Album of the Year - Jason Aldean's My Kinda Party
Everyone who was nominated had a great album. Jason got his first two ever CMAs tonight, so that's fabulous. Congrats to our Redneck Romeo!

Vocal Duo of the Year - Sugarland
I love that they did "Run" with Matt Nathanson on the show. Good stuff. Is she really wearing capris with heels, though? 

Vocal Group of the Year - Lady Antebellum
Great performance, too! 

New Artist of the Year - The Band Perry!
I knew it. Dang. But they deserved it, even if I like Chris Young more. He's going to be around for a long time, so he can win something next year, eh? 

Male Vocalist of the Year - Blake Shelton
I figured. Husband/Wife Duo wins this year. 

Female Vocalist of the Year - Miranda Lambert
My preference but not my pick. Thankfully, I'm not too much of a bettin' woman! :)

Entertainer of the Year - Taylor Swift
I never would have thought she would win this (my husband predicted yesterday before the show began that she would win). Then I watched her performance on the show and remembered just why I really do love this girl. Yea.
Also, her acceptance speech was really cute. Heehee.

Lovely song here, too. I know that only Carrie could have done this song with him. Instead of warming up throughout the song to hit the big notes, as soon as she comes in, she's belting like she's been singing with him the whole time. Nobody else could do that. This wasn't a super awesome performance, though. I don't know, they were both a bit off.

And how about the opening act, eh? Phenomenal.

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