Sunday, October 30, 2011

Songs I "Liked" Today

I'm cooking dinner nice and early and planning on cutting up some stuff for a soup I'm making someone else on Tuesday. Yes, I am wearing an apron, and yes, I am listening to/for steel guitars. It's a shame how few of today's songs have steel guitar. Once, I saw a guy at a Panera Bread playing a hand-held steel guitar. It was beautiful. He sang "Ring of Fire" for my son, who was three at the time and it was his favorite. The steel guitar just sings all on its own.

That was a tangent.

And now, I just wanted to note the songs I'm "liking" and not liking today. I'm listening to Pandora Radio, my "Today's Country Radio," which is no longer the pre-made station it started as, since I've liked and disliked so many things. I hardly ever get to thumbs up or down anymore, and I've only listened to this station for a month or two. I finally Thumbs Down-ed Toby Keith's "American Ride." I don't really care for it. When it comes on, I always skip it, never really interested in hearing it. I don't think it's bad, exactly, but nor do I find it particularly good. It is definitely not very singalongable. (Technical, scientific jargon word, there).

Before that was Eli Young Band's "Crazy Girl," which already has a Thumbs Up, Joe Nichols' "Gimme That Girl," another Thumbs Up, Kenny Chesney's "You and Tequila," another Thumbs Up. That one is fabulous, one of the best new songs of the decade, with Jason Aldean's "The Truth." Another mix album should happen with those songs together on it. I'll let you know when I actually get some of these compilation cds together. Then we've got Scotty McCreery's "The Trouble with Girls," with a Thumbs Up. My only issue with this song is that he's 18 - the video suggests still in high school like I was at that age - and the final verse says she tells him to stay at the end of the evening. Are you sure that's really going to happen at the girls' parents' house when you're 18? Probably not, especially if your dad is Rodney Adkins. He'd cock that gun he's cleanin, tell ya what.

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