Friday, October 28, 2011

Seven Takes Countdown - Volume 1 - October 28, 2011

I did not study graphic design like my super cool brother.

Here's ACC's version of the Top 40 country songs in America this week. Kix Brooks is running the show these days, and the website is wild with crazy tons of things going on. It is so busy, I cannot even bear to look at it. Eeek! I promise not to clutter my lil' old blog with such ickiness.

Now, the best way to do this is to scroll down slowly, clicking on and listening to each song before moving down to the next. If you are unwilling to spend the time, of course, you may skip down without playing songs, but what fun is that!?

Who didn't make the cut but was close? In no particular order:
My Heart Can't Tell You No - Sara Evans - I have always loved the crystal clear voice of Sara Evans. It's nice to have her back to her old timey ballads like "No Place That Far." This whole album "Stronger" lacks anything quite so delicious as the title track and this one. The other songs roll a little poppy and, pardon me, eighties ish. "Alone" is probably the best on the album and hopefully the next single.
I Don't Want this Night to End - Luke Bryan - I really do enjoy listening to this song. It starts out sounding kinda goofy, though, and then it's Luke putting his take on the new Jason Aldean-ish rap country song. Luke, sadly, does not have the manly voice Jason has, so he doesn't pull it off with quite as appeal? 
The Trouble with Girls - Scotty McCreery - Scotty is so adorable. "I Love You This Big" was really cute, but "The Trouble with Girls" is much better. He reminds me a bit of Paul Brandt and David Kersh. Sadly, neither of them lasted too long, so I hope better things come for young Mr. McCreery.

Here For a Good Time - George Strait 

I love King George's new round of I'm old, awesome, carpe diem songs. Every time this one comes on the radio, I cannot stop myself from singing along, no matter who is nearby. You do it, too, admit it.

Didn't I - James Wesley

You all know this guy is handsome, and if you've been keeping up, you know I like this song. I like his tough guy sound. His smooth transitions and line endings make you physically move while listening. Try it out. 

Bait a Hook - Justin Moore

It's like they look "Still a Guy" and turned it into a new song. Fabulous. And Justin Moore has one of the most amazing, home-town country, real voices (when I typed real, I pressed hard) to come to country radio in the past decade. I keep expecting to get sick of this song. Nope. 

One More Drinkin' Song - Jerrod Niemann

This whole album is awesome. I usually dislike party songs in general, thinking, what do you need a party song for? All country songs belong in a party, so just play me some David Allen Coe and we're solid. I like this one, I think, because it's so obvious. It goes on a mix album with Billy Currington's "People are Crazy." 

You - Chris Young

Have you heard this guy sing acoustic? Amazing. He's with Justin Moore in the real (typed hard-like) group. Who else? Few. Very few. This song is a fabulous love song. It's easily as good as Kenny Chesney's old "Me and You" and Brad Paisley's "Then." 

Keep Me in Mind - Zac Brown Band

Have you ever actually fallen in love with a song? I know not everyone likes this song, but, honestly, the first time I heard this song, I thought, Where have you been all my life!? Topically, it's kind of a bummer. I guess it's like Reba's awful song "One Promise Too Late." - But better. Cause it is. It's better than super sad "Colder Weather" and as good as/better than "As She's Walkin' Away." Pattern? Yes.

All Your Life - The Band Perry

What a beautiful song. This band's folksy sound gives Allison Krauss & Union Station a run for their money like no one has so far. The crystal clear heavenly sounds and clean instrumentation pull the song through its "cheesy" lyrics, whatever these other guys say. But, confession time...I love cheese.

See Jen for more Quick Takes!

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