Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Pandora - A Study

Alright, y'all. How do you get your country music fix? I listen to Sirius' The Highway in the car and when I remember to bring the radio inside. When I get annoyed by the five same songs playing every dang time I get in the car, I switch to Channel 58, Prime Country. Mostly, though, I'm at home and without a car. That leaves me with Pandora, cause my husband couldn't listen to NFL Radio if I kept the Sirius at home. I confess...I have "accidentally" left it in my purse a time or two, but I try to be nice. Anyhow, I listen to Pandora a lot while at home. (I have recently heard of Spotify.com, but I have not yet tried it). My tastes change drastically from moment to moment, so I have a lot of stations...37 to be exact. For the last week, I've been going back and forth between a pre-made station - Today's Country Radio - and my very own Chris Young with Justin Moore station.

Have you ever noticed that the first five or so songs when you turn on a station are awesome and absolutely match up to what you're looking for? Then, out of nowhere, Pandora throws you a curve ball. Here's some new Kenny Chesney mixed in with CY & JM...what? Then Taylor Swift? It's kind of upsetting. I Like all the stuff that's in the basic super amazing instrument style vocal chords, but Pandora seems to think I'll want some Taylor in here, too. And yes, I do like Taylor Swift, so I feel bad about thumbs downing her, but I am aiming for some purity of voice on that station, so every time I get rid of her right away. No, Taylor, I'm not being mean. You're great. I love your music. But that doesn't mean that you have a super amazing voice. You don't. It just isn't quite so real. It's more...manufactured. No offense.

What do I want out of Pandora? Heck, I dunno. I want them to play songs I like. They do that. My problem only comes in when they stick stuff in there thinking I might want it and I do like it...but I thought that my station choices up to that point had definitely excluded it.

What that means is that my Pure Voice station should have Chris Young, Justin Moore, Joe Nichols, Clint Black, Jamey Johnson. Not George Strait, no matter how much I love the guy. Not even Brad Paisley. And yes, there are Pure Voice female singers - I'm not just sexist. Give me some Alison Krauss and Sara Evans and Miranda Lambert.

Anyone else deal with this?

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