Friday, October 14, 2011

Jamey Wesley - Didn't I

I've been singing along with Jamey Wesley's new song (which is currently number 1 on the countdown for a few weeks in a row) since it came out to radio. He's got a great deep voice, sticks pretty much in the same vocal range throughout the song, kinda like a repeated chorus but with his voice, it's comforting. Simple. Good. Today while listening to Pandora, I glanced over to see if I had clicked the thumbs up sign, yet. I had, by the way. I thought, hey, he's kinda cute - who is this guy. Then. I went to his website. Turns out, yes, God did well with voice and face. On the front page is the music video for this song. This poor man. We see it with women so much, I don't think we even notice it anymore, with men or women. I noticed because I noticed. The music video is a total objectification of this man. It's really embarrassing to watch, and I ended up turning it off once they had him in the rain. Know what? George Strait is a good looking man, too, but his videos just show him as a simple man fully clothed in dry clothes throughout. But this MTV CMT we've got going on has turned our men and women into objects. Too bad. Bad marks for the director Chris Hicky.

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