Friday, March 18, 2011

Seven Quick Takes Friday - George Strait

I just love George Strait. Don't you?

I've got a little big-blue-eyed daughter, now, so when I heard this song on the other day, it really just ripped me up. I went upstairs to my husband, tears streaming down my face. He knew it was a song that made me cry. Nothing makes me cry like an amazing song.

My favorite song in the entire world for so much of my life was Killin' Time by Clint Black. But then I realized that I think this is the best song ever - these are different things, yes, but I am willing to give George a few years. They both take place in a bar...that's about the only connection in the two. 

Whenever I start going through Youtube videos of George Strait, I always end up with another one that I just can't skip because I love it so dang much. This is a beautiful beautiful love song. 

It all starts with the piano, just twangin' on your heart. The newest GS album is called Twang, by the way. Yes, thank you. 

This one is for all you rodeo lovers out there. Aaaaah, I think the video is older than me!

Okay, honestly, this song is not in my top ten or even twenty George Strait list, but this video is really good. I love the video. I love how simple and real George Strait always is. There's always a lot of close up George with his sideways smile. Love it.

This one's for my Dad. I could pick so many more, but I'm stopping here and choosing this one to stop on, since my Dad has quoted this song to me my whole life, and he's an awesome man. So this one's for you, Dad. :) 

In the comments section, go ahead and yell at me about all the ones I missed. I already know and regret them, but I'd love for you to fuss at me anyhow.

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