Friday, January 14, 2011

Your Redneck Romeo - Jason Aldean

Why, oh, why do these artists not consult me before naming their albums? Some don't need the help, obviously, but Jason Aldean apparently does. My Kinda Party is a terrible album name, especially for an album so much more than a party album. This album is full of some fabjous stuff, Callooh, callay. He has a sound all his own - like what he says in Crazy Town from his last album - he found "a cool new sound." I'm sure he did laugh when turned down. The sound alone is not going anywhere. However, if his marketing team keeps giving his albums bad titles, he's going under. I hope the bank doesn't take his truck...again.
I retitle this album Your Redneck Romeo, words from the song "My Kinda Party."
All in all, I give the album 4 out of 5 stars, and let's call it Steel with some Wood mixed in.

I will not go through every song, but the best and worst are as follows...

Tattoos on this Town
I do not like the lyrics: they are fake, trite. Jason didn't write it. He just sang it, and he's got some nice sounds coming from that magical instrument, so even though the lyrics stink, this song gets a solid four stars and Steel action.

Dirt Road Anthem
Alright, let's go through your first listen. You're hearing slow, sultry electric guitar and legato voice. I was thinking, on level with The Truth? Another one of the best new songs in about ten years!? Then, suddenly, I get a gut punch. There's this weird rappy stuff going on, country type words, rappy sound. No, not rap...white boy rap. Do you remember that song...a pop song about twelve years ago..."Abercrombie and Fitch" ... I like girls that wear Abercrombie and Fitch - I'd take 'em if I had one wish...she's been gone since that summer, since that summer... it sounds like that. It's terrible. Half of the song is amazing, but it's got these nasty interpolated chapters (like Grapes of Wrath!) that just ruin the whole thing. But I still want to hear it for the good parts...Let's call this song...broken.

Just Passing Through
David Lee Murphy wrote this one, so it's great. I can't decide if it is a proposal song or a tragic song about love that for some reason doesn't get to last. Whatever it is, lyrics, sound, every bit screams - in a lovely country-ballad form - classic.

My Kinda Party
I give. He doesn't write his own stuff, and I'm okay with that. This is a great electricy song, and perfectly exemplary of the Jason Aldean style. He is country with a bit of rock and roll. Electric country. That's what he is. He's better than Texas country, but don't tell CCR.

Country Boy's World
Some more redneck Romeo going on here - this song is crazy romantic and beautiful. She'll check out some Rome, Georgia, with you, yep.

Texas Was You
This wooden song rocks my sock off. It's not so electric, it's solid, stable, hometown country, safe.

Don't You Wanna Stay
The first time I heard this song I got mad - partly because of how good it sounded. It's this automatic reaction I have to songs that are romantic and duets that have a husband singing with someone not his wife. Here Jason and Kelly Clarkson sound amazing together, a little too much like Johnny Cash and June Carter... My problem is the subject matter. It makes me uncomfortable that they sing it togther when he's got a wife at home. I'd be jealous. However, Jason does it right in his dedications by thanking God first, wife & girls second. Way to be.

The other songs are nice fillers but don't stick out as special. Buy the album. It's a joy.

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