Friday, January 21, 2011

Seven Quick Takes Friday - Seven Country Events that would Rock

Today, I decided to give you a nice look at Seven sets of singers that would Sound Super together.
Check in with Jen & Calah for more quick takes!

In no particular order...
Joe Nichols and Alison Krauss
Both of these artists have traditional, clean and clear sounds.
There is nothing throaty in either voice, and both have
fantastic range. Think of Alison's cover of Keith Whitley's "When You Say Nothing at All"
mixed with Joe Nichols' "Brokenheartsville."

Miranda Lambert & Blake Shelton
Somebody had to say it, so I'm going to say it, now. This is what
famous country stars do when they get married. They do a duet.
I do not necessarily see their sounds jazzing as perfectly as do
Reba McEntire & Ronnie Dunn (why haven't they done more together?),
but I think they could take on Faith and Tim for romance and sound. Note that
Blake has gotten more...hip since he started dating Miranda.

ain't they adorable?
Jerrod Niemann & Taylor Swift
I think Jerrod Niemann is funny, a tough guy, and has a nice
gritty sound to mix with Taylor's young and sweet sound. Let's do
"Lover, Lover" and "Mean" as one song - come on, really - play them
at the same time and hear how cool it would sound. Plus, they should totally date.
I'd love to see the Taylor album to come from that...

Kimberly Perry & George Strait
Clean country mixed with Pure Country... This would be a great
duet. Let's listen to "If I Die Young" (obviously) and put it with
"Marina del Rey." You know you like it. Come on, y'all.
Do it.
Look at that young and handsome George!

Kid Rock, Trace Adkins, Toby Keith & Zac Brown Band
This one isn't a duet - it's a group. I think we would call it a Musical EVENT.
Let's have a nice loud party song. No, not like the ones that have
come out this year and sound nothing at all like country. I mean more
like "Margaritaville," "It's Five o'Clock Somewhere," or some such.

Clint Black & Miranda Lambert
I love this idea. "Only Prettier" and "Killin' Time." The high
country trills these two can produce would ring lovely in my ears.
Yours, too.
They're both kinda short, too.

Jennifer Nettles & Matt Kennon
Both of these singers can belt it. Emotions
shrill, harsh, always beautiful. "The Call" meets "Keep You."

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  1. I got you one better: Kid Rock marries Reba McEntire.

    A remake of "Why do we want what we know we can't have?"


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