Thursday, November 4, 2010

Speak Now - Taylor Swift (Target Exclusive)

I've got a comment on each song, so let's do that first, and then I'll give you my rating.

"Mine" - This is a generally good, cutesy Swifty song. It fits in with her other songs, and has little new to say, save the maturity of the finality of the lyrics. Love and...oh, marriage, eventually. That's a theme that seems to emerge on this album, as Taylor starts to hear her biological clock ticking.

"Sparks Fly" - This is a very poppy, very poppy song. That's really it. It's poppy.It's different than her older albums in its very...poppy-ness. Repetitive. Apologies.

"Back to December" - This is a great song. What I love about Taylor Swift is that I remember thinking/feeling all of the stuff she puts in these songs...oh, ten or fifteen or so years ago. This is an apology-ballad. It's one of the few songs that doesn't at least have some negative feeling toward men. This album has a lot of angry chick music on it. Heh.

"Speak Now" - This is my four year old's favorite. It's fun, it's cute, it's Taylor. This song's style is totally new for Taylor. It's a tryptych with talking, and she's exploring the upper part of her range. Nice.
It should have been the first single.

"Dear John" - Taylor got used and discarded; now we all know by whom. That aside, this is an amazingly beautiful song. I hope it gets radio play soon. It's one of the few really good, really country songs on this album.

"Mean" - Everyone's saying how country this song sounds. She does dip into her twang a little more heavily, but the sad thing is, everyone is saying how country it sounds (it doesn't really) because most of her songs don't. Oh, and it's about that guy who was mean to her. But, it's kinda mean...

"The Story of Us" - This one reminds me of "Mary's Song" on the first album. It's young and carefree, but it carries a quiet ache.

"Never Grow Up" - This is my baby girl's favorite. No joke. She's three months old, but she coos like crazy every time this lullaby-type ballad comes on. It's a tear-jerker, a mom singing to her baby to never grow up, that life could stay that simple. It's sweet. Very sweet.

"Enchanted" - I like this as a pop song because pop songs don't have to be very good. I get how she wants to let this guy know how awesome, ahem enchanting, it was to meet him, but it's really not her best by far. Did she just put this together at the last minute?

"Better than Revenge" - How awful. Remember that mean song? Now Taylor's telling us it's okay to get revenge on those who hurt us. I do not like this song at all. It's a shame, a cryin' shame.

"Innocent" "Haunted"
Neither of these are excellent. But they aren't terrible. The tough thing about this album is how good her first two were. Then she just put these songs on to fill it up, I guess.

"Last Kiss" - Sad but sweet, musically and lyrically.

"Long Live" - Nice ending. This song is vibrant and fun. It reminds me of her song "Change."

Target Exclusive Stuff

This is a nice one, with country sounds and Taylor-esque lyrics. It should have replaced "Haunted" or, better yet, "Better than Revenge."

"If This Was a Movie"
The title tells all.

Okay lyrics, great sound.

"Back to December" & "Haunted" Acoustics
Why Haunted? Why?

"Mine" pop mix
We don't need a remix. It's already pretty much pop...

When I downloaded my cd onto iTunes, the genre came up as Pop, not country like the rest of her albums. Sad days. The songs go well together, and we can see Taylor is getting a bit older, perhaps wanting to be a bit more grown up than she actually is. She's had some real grown up hurts, now, so she's trying to sing about them. I just hope that she doesn't miss out on love by focusing so much attention on the past.

Three Stars out of Five


  1. Hmm. I wonder if her song Enchanted is what they are using for the upcoming Disney movie with the same name. That might explain why it feels a bit forced...

  2. I...Hmm. Interesting. Perhaps - I'll have to look that up.


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