Friday, November 5, 2010

Seven Quick Takes Friday - Musically Speaking

7. A lot of people hate Taylor Swift. Heh. I don't get it.

6. Jason Aldean's new album, "My Kinda Party" came out this week. I am yet to hear it. I'll let ya know.

5. Brad Paisley's new (ish?) album came out - it's a live version of lots of his hits. Thus the title, "Hits Alive." Go get it. He may have a ton of money making songs that aren't really that great, but he's country to the core. Go get it today.

4. Kenny Chesney's new album is out, too. If the rest of the songs are anything like "Boys of Fall," we're in for a good one, to measure up to his old stuff, like "Me and You."

3. Lady Antebellum is popular. That's what everyone is saying. Yet, I hardly hear them on the radio anymore. That was quick.

2. More George Strait singles! Yea!

1. CMAs are on November 10th on ABC @ 8pm Eastern. Happy Friday!

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