Friday, November 12, 2010

7 Quick Takes - The CMAs

Happy Friday, y'all!
For those of you lucky enough to have ABC accessible in your home, I'm sure that you spent Wednesday night watching the AMAZINGLY exciting CMAs. For those of you like me, who fought and fought with your antenna or simply forgot (!?) that the CMAs were on, I'm here to give you some quick notes. I may not have watched it live, but I watched the online red carpet, and I read tons of articles all over the place, so I know my stuff. Here goes.

7. There should be a live online broadcast on Period.

6. Taylor Swift didn't win anything. That's okay, y'all. Really. Her new album just came out. It has not had time, yet, to circulate and get some awards. It will. Next year. This was not her year, and that's fine. And though she is a great entertainer, from what I understand her live voice is slightly below par, so Entertainer did not belong to her. Chill. Next year she's going to win Song, Album, and Female Vocalist. Until then, relax.

5. Miranda Lambert! I posted a note about this a while ago. Some blog had the audacity to say that Miranda didn't deserve so many nominations. Haha. You were wrong. Of course she did, which we all knew before. She can belt it, and it's lovely. And guess what? We all heard "House that Built Me" every day at least three times on the radio. So yeah, it was good, and she is good. Her voice is country lovely. Country Strong...

4. Speaking of...What a shamless and embarassing waste of time. Great, we've got a movie out with Gwyneth! I'm not even going to plug it.

3. Evan Farmer is okay looking, sure, but he's terrible. He is not a good interviewer, he's not funny. He's awkward. We all knew this with the Top 20 Countdown, but if you watch it online, you can skip him. On the red carpet, there was no skipping.

2. Alright, I don't get the Blake Shelton win. He's rather generic.

1. Entertainer of the year - Brad Paisley. Of course. We all knew this when he was invited to co-host with Carrie Underwood again. Brad Paisley is hilarious. His songs, his jokes, his facial expressions. Brad wins. Hands down. Let's get some more albums. We're thrilled for the Hits Alive. Happy year.

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