Saturday, October 9, 2010

Video Killed the Radio Star

When I was a kid, I mean five years old even, my Saturday mornings were more often filled with CMT than with cartoons. It isn't because my older siblings all were watching CMT, I don't really know how it happened, really. My second oldest brother, we'll call him Buck, played keyboard and sang one of the few rock songs in the set of a local country band. I loved it. We would go to the Eagles Hall and watch him play and sing when I was in Kindergarden - he was only 17 or so at the time. The point is, back then, my mother could walk out of the room and be confident that I wasn't going to be badly influenced by the music videos. Because, even when they talked about awkward things, the videos were so clean, I'd never make the connection. Think about Clint Black's Killin' Time and Walkin' Away, George Strait's The Chair, Lorrie Morgan's Good as I Was to You, some of my personal favorites from back in the day. I clearly remember the first time I saw Put Yourself in My Shoes. I also remember quite clearly a few years later when my dad got a gold nugget ring like Clint is wearing in that video. The nice thing back then was that everyone kept their clothes on, and even suggestive lyrics never had MTV-like R-rated scenes.

Now, however, we've lost our shame. CMT has, at least. Whoever the new video makers are, they're some dirty minded folks. I have a four year old, and I can't leave him alone with the videos. He got pretty offended when I skipped a video the other day. My rule is, we watch all of the videos, so he's gotten used to that rule. But I now have to break that rule, so my four year old isn't staring at a woman wearing lacy lingerie and nothing else. Now, I don't mean a nightie, either. I mean, take a very small bikini and turn it into all lace. That's what I mean. It's a shame, too. I really liked the new Trace Adkins song "This Ain't No Love Song." It's cute. I love the lyrics, and the deepness of Trace's voice tends to be a treat. However, this woman who could be in a magazine that nobody under 18 is allowed to purchase, is moving her stuff on free to everyone TV, on a station that I thought...I thought was safe for my kiddo. We're not on TV, by the way, we watch on, so I can easily skip when I need to, lucky me.

Early this year, Laura Bell Bundy put out a song called "Giddy On Up." Lyrics notwithstanding, this song is great. It's got fabulous sound - upbeat and bar-brawl-beginnin. It's simply irresistible. However, I didn't know that at first because I saw the video before hearing the song on the radio, and the video is downright dirty. I'm not a feminist in today's standard, but I'm completely and utterly against the objectification of women. These folks aren't, obviously. So, for me, and surely there are others out there who tire of the dirty and just want the wonderful music in clean-ness, the video has killed the modern radio star.

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