Friday, October 15, 2010

Taylor Swift - 3 Pre-Album Releases "Mine," "Speak Now," and "Back to December"

Our dear lil' Taylor Swift has now released three singles from her new album Speak Now on iTunes. "Mine" is also out on radio and has a video - see previous post. This is all in preparation of her third full-length album. The teens and preteens who love her avidly can pre-order special editions on her website chalk full of fun Taylor stuff. There's even one on the website selling for - big huge crazy gasp - $99. Yep, that's the diamond edition. Come on, now, Taylor. Really. That's ridiculous. You've got to get a handle on your marketing people. That's really taking advantage of your fans - short for fanatic, you know. But still, most of them are below 20 without real jobs of their own, so please don't try to rob their parents.

On to the songs.

Two Stars
I have already written a post on the video. Since then, I got a fabulous little note from a friend of mine. (Thanks, Kathleen). She makes an excellent point, and I'm a bit on the annoyed side of life right now. This world is so tricky, isn't it? We try (some of us...) to raise our kids to be good folk. But the blasted media, TV, music, et cetera et cetera - keep showing our kids stuff that is wrong - as if it's normal and okay. So soon, a kid won't be confused by the idea of living together before marriage. Thanks, Taylor, for perpetuating that one. Premarital sex is actually not something that I want to teach to my children, but this song presents it as if it's just a normal everyday way of life. You fall in love, you move in together, and then you get married. Wrong order, honey. And we all trusted you. Shame on you.

"Speak Now"
Four Stars
My son and I listened to this song about six times on the way home from Giant today. Then, we got home, and I put on Fearless, and my son came over and (he's four) found "Speak Now" and put it back on again. It's really fun. I really enjoy listening to it. It's got to be one of her cutest out, yet. And now our topics are moving from high school to weddings. She's growing up, but her sound is the same. Whether that's good or bad, I'm not yet sure. Let's hear the whole album before we decide, eh?
I've got a secret. Since I've started listening to Taylor Swift - and loving my Taylor Swift albums - I have wanted to be Taylor Swift's friend. I just think, gosh, she's a nice girl, I'd love to be her friend. However, has she become a boyfriend stealer? I'm married and don't expect her to come steal my husband, but with this song and "You Belong with Me," I'm wondering if she's got some genes in her that are, simply put, Homewrecker material. Gretchen, sing with me, now...

"Back to December"
One Star
This song reminds me of the Rascal Flatts song "These Days," but it's kind of boring. It's not a good one as teasers go. It sounds slightly more mature, but really it sounds mostly the same as her other stuff, though a little less country. It's a whoops I left you song - a slower, sadder version of Darius Rucker's "Come Back Song." It's probably the worst Taylor Swift song I've ever heard. I really hope the new album's much better - but I do hold her to rather high standards.

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