Friday, October 29, 2010

Seven Quick Takes Friday: Tops from People I Know

After just two days, I've gotten a total of 101 votes for my top 7 songs for this week. The votes ranged from Leonard Skynard to Allison Kraus, Johnny Cash toTaylor Swift. Some surprised me. Some did not. So, a breakdown of percentages et cetera shall follow the list.


There are only 6 songs with more than 1 vote. That surprised me.


Rascal Flatts: God Blessed the Broken Road
A good song, yes. Perhaps one that will even stand the test of time.
There aren't enough songs of a topic, though there are too many of a style.


Brad Paisley: Then
I love this song. But no, I didn't vote for it. However, it is probably in my personal
top 20 list. Not ten though. Not five. But it's great. Brad Paisley is the new Alan Jackson.
Opinions on that? I'd love to hear 'em.


Brad Paisley: I'm Still a Guy
I'm ashamed of this one. It's funny, but really. Are you sure it's one of your favorites,
y'all? I do enjoy to hear this song, but I wouldn't take it to an island. I wouldn't want
to hear it one more time before I die. Would you?


Zac Brown Band: Chicken Fried
See above. Zac Brown Band has so many amazing songs. No offense intended.


Garth Brooks: Friends in Low Places
I can't believe that I didn't put this one on my list. However, I stand by mine,
and put this in my top ten, however. Fabulous, amazing, kick-a**, must keep G rating...


David Allen Coe: The Perfect Country and Western Song
Yes, it is. Karaoke at my wedding. Yes.

And now for the stats you're all dying to hear.

The most Songs Nominated:
George Strait - 7 Songs
Brad Paisley - 6 Songs
Garth Brooks, Rascal Flatts, Faith Hill - 4 Songs
Tim McGraw, Jason Aldean, Carrie Underwood, Hank Williams - 3 Songs

The most Total Votes by Artist:
Brad Paisley - 8
George Strait - 7
Garth Brooks - 6
David Allen Coe - 5
Rascal Flatts - 5
Zac Brown Band & Hank Williams - 4

Overall, pretty exciting. Go Brad, you're one popular lad. I can't believe George didn't win a place in the top 7 songs. Nor Johnny Cash. Shocks. Ah, well. Maybe next time, folks.

Come back soon for two album reviews! Smokey Robinson works with Cracker Barrel, and Taylor Swift has her Junior album Speak Now!

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