Friday, October 15, 2010

Seven Quick Takes Friday - Seven Non-Radio Taylor Swift Songs

Since we're in Taylor Swift mode today, I decided to dedicate my Seven Quick Takes to her this week.
If you get confused by the wood and plastic stuff, please see this old post.

#7. "Last Christmas" - on Taylor's Sounds of the Season album
This song, obviously, isn't a Taylor original, but she does it some excellent justice. Thanks to a dear friend for getting me an album I never would have bought myself. I have never really liked the whole Christmas album thing. I don't need everyone's version of Silent Night. But this is one Christmas album I'm certainly glad I've got. And this song is great. Really great.
Five stars!

#6. "Breathe" - from Fearless
I love this song. It's sad, it's quiet, it's one of Taylor's less...childlike. It's one of her best. Why didn't we put this one on the radio?
Five Stars

#5. "Tied Together with a Smile" - from Taylor Swift
This is one of my favorite kinds of songs. Like Tim McGraw's "Just to See You Smile," it's heartbreaking, but upbeat. Taylor does it well.
Four Stars

#4. "Invisible" - from Taylor Swift
Her voice and the music is beautiful. I remember the feeling. It's so lovely. Thanks.
Four Stars

#3. "The Way I Loved You" - from Fearless
I like highly emotional songs, even if I can't connect, they're great.
Three Stars
Steely Plastic - odd mix, I know.

#2. "Speak Now" - newest single not on radio, yet - from Speak Now
Why didn't she release this one first? I like "Mine" a little, but this song is way more fun.
Five Stars
Plastic  - no disrespect intended

#1. "Mary's Song" - from Taylor Swift
Another really fun one - the whole album is great, yes, but this just may be my favorite of all.
Four and a Half Stars
Wood all the way

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