Wednesday, October 13, 2010

A Nod for Miranda Lambert

Take a look at the news real on the Country Music Awards website. Apparently, Miranda Lambert has the most nominations for this awards show - to air on ABC on November 10th at 8pm EST. Congratulations to her. She's had a pretty big year, what with a fabulous few radio releases and her engagement to the suddenly hip Blake Shelton and all. She has had some really fabulous videos come out this year, too, most recently Only Prettier. Old-fashioned country sound and classical beauty teamed with killer lyrics should frighten the gentler types like Taylor Swift.

Miranda Lambert deserved every nomination she got. She's had a ton of overplay on radio, and the fans aren't getting sick of White Liar (though I am) and The House that Built Me. The problem I've got is that the headline writer says that Miranda got a nod by being nominated for Entertainer of the Year. A nod!? I have not been to a Miranda show, but I've seen videos, live and not so live, and I'm really impressed with her. I think she's up there in the top five entertainers this year. Come on, folks. Give her some credit.

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