Wednesday, September 22, 2010

"Mine" - Taylor Swift's Newest Music Video

Things are getting exciting. I know my feet are hopping around in screaming excitement about the coming new Taylor Swift album! October 25 - a month from Saturday. No, I'm not a teenager, really. I just really love and respect Taylor Swift and her (mostly) self-written tunes. I think that she kicks ass because she insisted on doing her music her way, and that's how she got where she is now.

So, the newest single she's got out is being played at a pretty constant rate on the radio right now. "Mine" made #2 on the music video Top 20 Countdown. It's listed at the moment as today's top video on's home page.

The song has Taylor's sound, but a bit more mature. She looks older in the video - in a beautiful way. She is growing up, and she's going to break some more hearts with this new album, I can tell. The video creatively captures Taylor spirit. Her hand obviously designed quite a bit of it, again. One recognizes her touch in the hanging photographs and the dance party scene with the kids in the bedroom. It's just so easy for her to make a hit, though I remember reading an interview that said she just wants everyone to know that she works hard on this stuff, that it's her job.

Her live version of "You Belong With Me" should be taken off of, though. The sound system makes it sound very sloppy, and that's not Taylor.

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  1. I love Taylor too! She definitely brings out the teenager in me. I know when Genevieve gets to be 15 I will pull out some ancient Taylor Swift songs for her to listen to. I saw this post a couple weeks ago:
    The comments are entertaining. Some people are sooo overprotective of their kids! I liked how one lady said she didn't want her daughters listening to Taylor's music because "There will be a time for dreams of romance when they are older and ready to find a husband." Was she ever 15? Teenage girls will dream of romance no matter what you do, and you might as well make sure it is fairly clean. I have to say, though, that "Mine" does seem to me to imply that the couple moved in together, although of course they do eventually get married.


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