Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Easton Corbin - A Little More Country Than That - EP

When the first few chords strike out of "A Little More Country Than That," you're exited that George Strait is young again and putting out another single. Traditional country overflows throughout the entire single. The lyrics are simple clear country. The steel guitar line backed up by a lick indeed "sends chills up your back." Every sound and lyric epitomizes cowboy - he's two-steppin', Hank-listenin', dog-watchin', with his face hidden under his hat. The only thing missing is heartache, mama, trains, trucks, prison, and gettin' drunk. But certainly Corbin's first single can't be perfect - then what would we have to look forward to?

What can be more exciting than a fresh new traditionalist male country vocalist among the modern hip-country? He is his own man. His first single may lean a bit on George Strait's sound and style, but once you've heard the EP, you recognize the more modern sounds mixed in with the traditional. "I Can't Love You Back" brings you the essential heart-wrenching tear-in-my-beer-gone-2000s song. It has the deceptively sweet sound of a song about a pair of happy lovers, and then our hearts get sweetly broken when we find out the lovers are star-cross'd. He brings in church and drinking in this song, so in two songs already, we're getting our fill of home-town country in this EP, and suprise to us all, you can waltz to it.

"Roll With It" has the mid to late 90s Chris Cagle sound. It starts with a short guitar intro, and jumps into fast-paced bouncy lyrics. It seems a bit of an easy song to sing, as it is all in mid-range, but the happy lyrics give excuse. It is an all-pleasure song, reminiscent of "Yes" and "What a Beautiful Day."

"The Way Love Looks on You" is a mix of Brad Paisley's "Little Moments" and Clay Walker's "Woman Thing." A woman always loves a sweet song extolling her sweet little eccentricities.

Easton Corbin's first full-length album will be released on March 2, 2010 on Mercury.

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