Wednesday, January 27, 2010

"The Call" - Matt Kennon

I'm not certain of the release date of this new one, but I listen to New Country on Sirius daily and heard it for the first time last night. It's timed excellently with the March for Life having been less than a week ago. This is one of those break your heart life-saving moment kind of songs - like Emerson Drive's "Moments," and Kenny Chesney's "There Goes My Life," and the new and fabulous "Hurry Home" by John Michael Carroll.

The sounds - instrumental and vocal - squeeze the heart and jerk your tears (trust me, I was sobbing quite quickly). Who would have thought of a cell phone saving lives? But, of course, it isn't the cell phone that stops the man from killing himself or the girl from having an abortion. The message of the song is the power of friendship, and how a well-timed call can help a friend out of a low moment. What a nice message, and surely, it serves as a nice reminder that we should always be
willing to be that friend - to want to be that friend.

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