Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Another Awesome Song for 3/7/18

Another song of the day. Whew this one is also great. The song and the video do not have the same ending, but I like ‘em both. Thomas Rhett - “Marry Me.” Enjoy.

And because I can’t help myself but have to pair this up, here’s Taylor Swift’s “Speak Now.”

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Song of the Day - 3/6/18 - Luke Combs’ “One Number Away”

Y’all. Is it uncouth to quote myself? Link to myself? Cause last year, when I wrote my review of this album, I gave this song 5 stars, and said please please put it on the radio. Guess what I heard on the radio today. YES, y’all. I love this song. Here’s my review if you’re interested and, more importantly, the song...which you can be happily surprised by on the radio ANY DAY, now that it’s been radio released. Y’all. That’s 2 of his songs that I called for radio. I wish this could be my job. Anyhow. Listen to this song. It’s sad. It’s raw. Love it with me. Here, let’s listen to it together:

Sunday, February 25, 2018

Playlist by Chris J. 2.25.18

Here’s a glorious playlist for y’all - made by a dear friend from college luckily still in touch with. He had posted a few awesome songs on FB, which led to my begging him to just make me a playlist already, since he was certainly coming from a different perspective. Everytime he puts a song up, I think, Man, why haven’t I listened to that song in like 20 years!? What is wrong with me. This list is a little bit of that, and I CONFESS IT! A few songs that I did not even know. I know, right? 

Thank you, Golf Guy for such a great list - it’s heavy, with light drops here and there, and it ends buoyantly. Can I say buoyantly? Just did. Honestly, though, a playlist that puts together Patty Loveless, Don Williams (o my heart), The Highwaymen, and Chris Stapleton is destined to be listened to over and over. I have lost count to how many listens I’ve given it in the last week. Enjoy, y’all. A link and a list with a lil embellishment.
“You Always Come Back To Hurting Me” - Johnny Rodriguez (1973)

“Does Ft. Worth Ever Cross Your Mind” - George Strait (1984)

“Don't Close Your Eyes” - Keith Whitley (1988)

“Do I Ever Cross Your Mind” - Dolly Parton (1982)
Can we just look at how dang sweet and pretty Dolly is for a quick sec? Ahh.

“Here In The Real World” - Alan Jackson (1990)
When I was a kid, I think I felt an imaginary competition between these white hatted stars and my favorite Clint Black. Thus I never owned an AJ album (nor a George until I was 22 years old). Alas alas. I did know and like at the least this song. It is a great.

“Seminole Wind” - John Anderson (1992)

“Highwayman” - The Highwaymen (1985)
I feel like I’m in my dad’s Big Blue ram van, clanking down the road, taking our trash to the dump. Am I hijacking this list because I’m commenting on everything? I’ll cool it - this is just really a my Dad song. Love it.

“Three Wooden Crosses” - Randy Travis (2002)
A 21st Century Song! 

“Some Broken Hearts Never Mend” - Don Williams (1977)

“Dixieland Delight” - Alabama (1983)
Love Alabama. Love songs that came out when I was so small, they’re built into my blood. 

“Blame it on Your Lyin’ Cheatin’ Heart” - Patty Loveless (1993)

“One More Last Chance” - Vince Gill (1992)

Friday, February 9, 2018

Playlist for Fri. 2/9/18

Like the old stuff? 80s & 90s, this is your playlist. Don’t like it, listen to this playlist. Then you will. Cheers, friends.

Friday, January 26, 2018

1.26.18 Song Set

Ok, how’s this for a song-doubles post?

Vertical Horizon’s “Everything You Want” (1999)
Garth Brooks’ “Ask Me How I Know” (2017)

So here’s what I think. I enjoy both songs. The first I enjoy I guess because of the clearness of the adoration going on for the girl by the guy (probably why she’s less than interested?). “Everything You Want” is a whiney song where a guy is singing in complaint that he believes he knows what the chick wants, he’s tellin’ her all about it and about how it’s totally him!, but she’s just not that into him. So it’s a bit sad, and it leaves you just feeling bad for the dude. Yeah?

But this Garth Brooks song. Golly-gee, it’s fantastic. First of all. There are not a lot of songs out there where one guy is giving another guy advice, basically telling him he needs to quit putting up his walls and be a man. From the point of view of this song, being a man is being vulnerable (which the song’s internal audience has been and will probably be again), but then keeping it up, letting her take care of him. Yes? This song is so much more powerful cause it’s a guy saying to another guy, dude, I’ve so been there, I’ve done that, it was so fricking stupid of me. Don’t do it. Love her all the way, man. It’s gonna rock. The song’s lyrics are better than my words, obviously, but this is the gist. Eh? Eh? 

Totally disagree? Cool.
Either way, it’s definitely way more manly than whining to the girl after she dumps you. Because. She dumped you, so that’s it. Yipe. 
I guess that’s the difference between a teeny-bopper pop hit (VH’s song came out when I was a teenager, too! There was a guy who played me this song and said I was the girl, and it didn’t have the desired effect. Cause it can’t.) and a much more mature Garth Brooks grown-up country song.

And the simplicity, man.
Country music, man.
And cowboy hats.
And Wranglers.
And boots.

Monday, January 15, 2018

Song of the Day - An Old Favorite 1/15/18

Have we already had this as song of the day? It wouldn’t surpise me. I love this song. I still remember the very first time I heard it. Some teenager was singing it in a talent contest at the Middle School in Needville at some event. I don’t remember much about the event besides sitting in a folding chair in front of the stage, I think I was 12 or 13, and it was so pretty that it made me cry. Sap. That’s me. But the song is simply lovely. 

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Song Doubles Playlist with Taylor Swift

I don’t often have a spouse that goes out of town. Some friends have husbands who travel a lot or for long periods of time - something I imagine (especially as a mother of 4 with another on the way) is terribly difficult. Confession. Lots of things are harder without the husband around. Going to mass, the store, getting the kids to bed at night, planning for a birthday on Sunday. . . Some things are easier, though, believe it or not. Dinner time. That’s right. Mac & Cheese for dinner, y’all, I say to cheers all around. Rockin. And. Listening to Taylor Swift round the clock - the country albums anyway - Taylor Swift, Fearless, Speak Now, and Red. All of those ones plus I’m sure I’ll get to some of the newer ones by the end of the day. You can’t really jam out to Taylor Swift at the top of your lungs with a man around. He will be cool with it for a song or two, but then he’s eventually going to beg you to turn it off. Fair enough. Not everyone can handle an all day T-Swift sing and dance marathon. I, however, am so that chick.

So of course, I’m the doubles chick, too. I love finding songs with the same name that are nothing alike or a little alike or totally the same. So here are some Taylor Swift and who-not song dubbs with occasional trips. Happy Saturday! Happy birthday best friend! Happy whatever else you think is worth happying today. Like coffee. Wine. Chocolate. Hugh Jackman. You know. Whatever.

Taylor Swift - “Red” - from Red
Dustin Lynch - “Seein’ Red”
Blake Shelton - “Ol’ Red”
I love this group because, well the first 2 are super obvious, but the 3rd one is an older song and is about a dog. Kinda. And prison. Anyway, the color imagery is perfect for the context of the song. 

Taylor Swift - “Breathe” - from Fearless
Faith Hill - “Breathe”UIKeyInputDownArrow
Obvious. Different feelings going on here. Very nice. Honestly, I like the FH one back in the day, but it was really way over-played on the radio, so to this day I find it annoying. TS’s wasn’t released to radio, and I don’t listen to her often enough to accidentally over play anything, so everytime I hear this song I dig it.

Taylor Swift - “Love Story” - from Fearless
Lanco - “Greatest Love Story”
I wish TS’s song had come out when I was a sophomore in high school, so I could have written a paper in English class comparing it to Romeo & Juliet like I did with 10 Things I Hate About You and Taming of the Shrew. Lanco’s song is awesome. I love the sound.

Taylor Swift - “This is the Last Time” - from Red
Brad Paisley - “Last Time for Everything”
If you ignore the rest of the playlist, please watch that Brad video. I haven’t laughed that hard in a while. If you’re younger than like 30, you probably won’t really get it, but everybody else, for serious. Awesome. Let me just tell you Brad is wearing a puffy vest, and that should get you started on just how awesome it’s gonna be, y’all.

Taylor Swift - “The Story of Us” - from Speak Now
Colin Raye - “That’s My Story”

Taylor Swift - “Enchanted” - from Speak Now
Owl City - “Enchanted”
TS’s song to Adam Young and his response. I know, they actually go together, how dare I.

Taylor Swift - “Cold as You” - from Taylor Swift
Zac Brown Band - “Colder Weather”
Bon Jovi - “I’d Die For You”
I know, do they even match at all? Generally this TS song leads me to listen to Bon Jovi’s Slippery When Wet and I blame that on the lines from this song where she says, “I know you wouldn’t’ve told nobody if I died, died for you.” So yeah. It’s a match with me anyway. :p

Hope this list isn’t too awful for y’all Tay-Haters, but it was fun for me on a cold Saturday morning. :) I know I could do more, but I’m really just done, now. Cheers!